The Palace
+49 (0) 6997784885 or +49 (0) 6971034526
Königsberger Straße 23
Frankfurt 60487, Germany

+49 (0) 6997784885 or +49 (0) 6971034526
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  • The Palace

    +49 (0) 6997784885 or +49 (0) 6971034526
    Königsberger Straße 23
    Frankfurt 60487, Germany


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    Reviewed 04-03-2012
    The Palace (used to be smaller and located in the far back and called Paradise) is probably the biggest club closed to downtown or the center of Frankfurt. It's also very close to the convention center (Messe). While not the biggest club size wise and lacking an outdoor area you'll find the biggest selection of women.

    The club is located in an industrial area with a few nearby hotels. It can be accessed by taking a Ubahn train from the main train station and then a short walk. Most taxi drivers know of the place since they pay them a 10E commission (but this does not affect your price.

    As you enter they have information on the club in several languages. Entry is 75 Euros (probably the most expensive of all the FKK clubs around Frankfurt). Every 30 minutes of service is 50 Euros. Take care to discuss what a girl does and if she includes the service before going to the room. Example Deep French kissing or oral without a condom (BBBJ). While these things should and mostly are standard some women will ask for more money for kissing and some will use a condom for everything.

    Once you are buzzed in from the security gate, you'll pay your 75E, then be given an arm band which is your receipt, plus a locker key which doubles as a key for the security locker. Note: You keep you money, wallet, passport and valuables in a smaller numbered locker to the right as you enter. Then go to the left to the locker room. The lockers also include a safe for larger items if needed. Showers, slippers and towels are all located as you enter the locker room.

    As you enter to the direct left if a bar (drinks are included (except alcohol), to the left of that bar is the restaurant (food is included). On the right side after the security lockers is the entrance to the main contact area. As you enter the main room to the left is the Kino (porno theater). To the right is a glass room this is a smoking room. There are two smoking rooms in the club. Make sure if you smoke do it in one of these rooms. Directly straight ahead and up a few steps is the main bar, also the stage where girls often dance. Behind the bar is a large whirlpool (Jacuzzi). If you need some rest there are 3 lawn chairs behind some glass panels to the left of the whirlpool where you can sleep. To the right as you enter past the smoking room are the private rooms. (Don't enter these unless with a girl). There is massage, reading areas etc. also located in these back areas.

    food changes from breakfast to dinner at set times, usually 5-6pm dinner is served. Its a buffet style help yourself. In Germany you're required to bus your own table once done, so remember to put your tray and dishes in the rack when done.

    Service should include the standard 30 minutes for 50 Euros (paid at your security locker after service). Kissing, BBBJ and multiple positions is standard. Anal depends on the girl and ranges from 50-150 Euros extra.

    Wearing a watch is recommended to keep track of time. Newbies should consider taking a tour see for details and pricing. Tours are available as a group (you can join the group) or individually. Group tours are 6-8 days and take you to a variety of clubs. The tour includes airport pick up, return, hotel and all your transportation. This takes the finding the clubs, having everything explained in English and someone who knows many of the women to another level. You can always tell the guests who know what their doing from those who don't.

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